Wednesday, November 14, 2018

3300 Hwy 82 Dunn, NC 28334
P.O. Box 1811 Dunn, NC 28335

(910) 891-5019

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What are the museum's hours of operation?

The museum (and gift shop) is open from 10-4, Tuesday through Saturday. The museum is closed on Mondays & Sundays.

Is the museum handicap accessible?

The museum is handicap accessible.

Who won the Battle of Averasboro?

As with many Civil War battles, the winner is a matter of hot discussion. At Averasboro, both sides could claim victory. The Union sucessfully met their objective by clearing the field of the Confederates and continuing their northern trek towards Goldsboro NC and utlimately to join up with General Grant in Virginia against General Lee. The Confederates could claim victory because their mission was to delay General Sherman's advance until General Johnston could concentrate his Southern forces for a subsequent offensive. In this mission, the Confederates were sucessful, holding back Sherman and forcing him to deploy and make repeated assaults against the Confederate lines.

What kinds of Events do you have at Averasboro?

Averasboro features many different kinds of events. Many focus on the Civil War and the Battle of Averasboro, but Averasboro has also hosted other events such as Living History events for different time periods, Battle Reenactments for WWI and WWII, and more! There has been Yard Sales, Book Signings, Fiber Festivals, and much more. Keep checking our site for event announcements!

What do you have on display at the museum?

In the artifact room you will be able to view various authentic items from the Civil War, many of which are from the Averasboro Battlefield itself. In the map room you can follow in detail troop movements and view models of the plantation houses still standing on the site. There is information posted about the Smith family, the plantations, and the local area for your review.

What (or who) is ABCI?

ABCI, more formally known as Averasboro Battlefield Commission, Inc. is the governing body that oversees the battlefield, museum, facillities, grounds, and landmarks of the Averasboro Battlefield. ABCI is a non-profit organization.

How can I support the Averasboro Battlefield?

There are several ways to help preserve the Averasboro story, grounds, and facilities.First, financial gifts are always welcome. Averasboro Battlefield Commission, Inc. is a non-profit 501(3)c corporation, and your contributions may be tax deductable. Visit our Support page to download a membership form or your may contact us by mail, phone, or email for further information and methods of support.Second, Averasboro always welcomes volunteers who are interested in getting involved. We need museum staff, grounds and maintenance helpers, and volunteers to pitch in for events and other project. Visit our ABCI page to learn more about how ABCI works and how you can help.

Are the Plantation Houses on the Battlefield open to the public?

Averasboro is fortunate to have three plantation houses from the time of the battle still standing and in use. Lebanon is privately owned and does not permit tours. Oak Grove is privately owned and does permit tours. The William Smith House is not available for tours.

How can I learn about the policy regarding placing flags at the Chicora Cemetery?