Wednesday, November 14, 2018

3300 Hwy 82 Dunn, NC 28334
P.O. Box 1811 Dunn, NC 28335

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Pictured are a few of the re-enactors who participated in the event. The young lady is dressed in an actual 1940’s wool suit typical of that era. She was playing the part of a German company clerk. The German army did not use men for company clerks, as is the case with the US Army. Many of these German clerks served on both fronts and many lost their lives in combat. For more information on this particular re-enactor unit, visit



Dozens of visitors were thrilled to see a small example of what war was like in WWII. Crowd attendance to the event was excellent and the re-enactors put on a great show!

Representing what civilian life was like during the war was members of the Paper Dolls, women in WWII reenacting unit. Further information can be found here.