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3300 Hwy 82 Dunn, NC 28334
P.O. Box 1811 Dunn, NC 28335

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Postmasters Fulfilled A Vital Function When Averasboro Was A Town

With a little research, the Averasboro Advocate editor was able to find some information about the Post Office and who the postmasters were in the Town of Averasboro. The information is posted below.

Harnett County was a part of Cumberland County until 1855. Historical research has determined that the following persons were postmasters for the Averasboro, NC post office:

Averysborough, Averysboro, Averasboro
Charles Stewart Canaway 10-1-1794 
Discontinued 8-11-1798
Gerald Banks 2-22-1799
Robert Draughan 4-1-1812
Jonathan Smith 4-1-1813
David Mitchel 4-15-1813
Robert H. Draughan 8-13-1814
James P. Wilson 10-1-1815
William Smith 12-4-1818
Gerard Johnson 12-21-1833
James Colville 12-8-1834
Neill S. Stewart 4-13-1842
Archibald S. McNeill 11-2-1846
Name changed to McNeill’s Ferry Avery Store 11-10-1852
(Formerly in Cumberland County)
Neill Stewart, 4-4-1855
Name changed to Averysborough, 1858 Neill S. Stewart, 4-4-1858
Thomas Colville, 11-23-1866
Robert Norris, 4-9-1867
Neill S. Stewart, 11-10-1874
Ellen W. Stewart, 12-16-1878
Neill S. Stewart, 11-28-1883
Name changed to Averasboro, 1884 Neill S. Stewart, 7-14-1884
Edward L. Parker, 6-25-1889
Fistus A. Parker, 8-10-1893
Maggie D. Parker, 1-21-1899
Harrison V. Moulton, 8-28-1901

Discontinued, papers to Dunn, 12-2-1903

Averasboro Post Office

Picture from the U. S. Postal Museum (The way the mail used to be delivered)

Mail slots in Averasboro Post Office were probably similar to above picture.

Hand cancellation examples from the Averasboro Post Office (Manuscript)