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Chicora Cemetery

Graveyard for South Carolina Men in Chicora CemeteryIn early 1866, the ladies of Smithville met at Oak Grove plantation to form an organization to honor theAlfred Angel's tombstone memory of the deceased Confederate soldiers of the Battle of Averasboro. Some of the soldiers' remains had been disinterred from temporary graves or sent home, but many were buried in a single cemetery, located near the site of the final line of battle beside the Fayetteville to Raleigh road.

As of May 15, 1867, the women had formally organized the Smithville Memorial Association and initiated efforts to enclose the cemetery and erect a monument. By May 10, 1872, the cemetery had been named "Chicora," the native American name for Carolina; a wrought iron fence was in place; and the monument had been erected. The monument was then dedicated on that date to the fallen soldiers. Memorial services and living history displays have been conducted regularly and periodically at the site through the years and will continue.

In May 1904, the Smithville Memorial Association became the Chicora Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

This cemetery is the final resting place of 56 Confederate dead from the battle. The small enclosure includes monuments to North Carolina and South Carolina troops, and McLaw's Division; a Confederate monument; an interpretive marker for Phase Two of the Battle of Averasboro; the marked graves of Lieutenant Colonel Robert de Treville, First South Carolina  Infantry, who was killed in the battle, and eighteen-year-old Alfred Henry Angel, of Charleston, South Carolina, who was mortally wounded and died April 24, 1865; and a reconstructed Civil War era log cabin transplanted from Farquhard Smith's home, "Lebanon."

Cemetery Maintenance

Averasboro Battlefield wants to extend an heartfelt expression of gratitude to the Boy Scout Troop from Salem Methodist Church in Eastover, NC for their commitment to maintaining the Chicora Cemetery. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Boy Scout Troop 745, Maintenance for Chicora Cemetery

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