Wednesday, November 14, 2018

3300 Hwy 82 Dunn, NC 28334
P.O. Box 1811 Dunn, NC 28335

(910) 891-5019

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Membership Levels



General membership in the Averasboro Battlefield Commission is on an annual basis.  All members will receive the Averasboro Advocate newsletter, printed at least quarterly and any appropriate updates printed throughout the year.  All members’ names will be listed along with their city (town) and by classification in the December newsletter each year.  The legal structure of the ABCI is governed by a Board of Directors; therefore,  general members do not have voting privileges. All membership funds are used for the upkeep or improvement of the Averasboro Battlefield Museum. Averasboro Battlefield Commission, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 corporation. Since no valuable amenities are given with this membership, your membership dues/donations may be fully tax deductible.  Consult with your accountant to determine your deduction.  Please make checks payable to: Averasboro Battlefield Commission, Inc., Post Office Box 1811, Dunn, North Carolina, 28335.

PRIVATE - $35-$99 - Entry membership level for Averasboro Battlefield Commission

SERGEANT - $100-$499 - Highest Non-Commissioned Officer membership level of Averasboro Battlefield Commission

LIEUTENANT - $500-$999 - First Commissioned Officer membership level of Averasboro Battlefield Commission

MAJOR - $1000-$4999 - Mid-level Commissioned Officer level of Averasboro Battlefield Commission

COLONEL - $5000 and above - Highest Officer Level of the Averasboro Battlefield Commission

Averasboro Battlefield Commission, Inc. makes it convenient for you to make your donations to the preservation and presentation of the Averasboro Battlefield story. You may print out a donation form by clicking the form to the right and mail in your contribution.

Download the Membership Application Here.